Diagrams of Power Dialogues 2: Urban Space, Data, & Supporting Community Resistance


Invited Participants: Sheila Sampath, Terra Graziani, Josh Akers, Alex Hill

A roundtable where our invited participants will discuss their experiences and recent work including resisting gentrification, using data and mapping as a research tool and building community.

Resisting gentrification and displacement needs different kinds of actions including rent strikes, community organizing, sharing information, creative projects, or building support across locations. Data and mapping is one way of supporting these actions by helping analyze patterns, identify bad property owners/managers and share information (e.g. policy, economic, demographic, spatial). We will talk about how designers, activists and researchers, using these tools and others, work in communities to make them more resilient to bad urban policy, real estate speculators and predatory landlords. We will look at how to be accountable to the residents being represented and what tools, processes and methods have been used to make a positive contribution to these movements.

Hosted by Onsite Gallery, OCAD University’s professional gallery and experimental curatorial platform for art, design and digital media, fosters social and cultural transformations.