E Tower


Dave Colangelo, Patricio Dávila
Nuit Blanche, CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

This installation invites participants of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010 to light up the CN Tower. As part of the city’s largest collaborative art project, festival-goers will come together to control the illumination of the CN Tower. On the night of the event, the CN Tower begins to pulsate slowly, with a faint blue light circling the observation deck. As participants send “energy” by text messaging the tower, the lights get faster and brighter. Colours change and special animations mark rising energy levels, reflecting the city’s energy.

This installation encourages thousands of people to contribute to the creation of public art and experience the sum of their collective actions on massive scale. E TOWER is about creating public art that depends on public participation by enabling cooperative, collaborative expression, and reflecting that energy back to the community.