Passing Through the Heart


_Patricio Dávila and Immony Mèn with collaborations from Priya Bandodkar, Maegan Broadhurst, Dave Colangelo, Patrick Dávila, Alexandra Gelis, Preethi Jagadeesh, Evelyn Kwong, Cheng Yang Lee, Lilian Leung, Jorge Lozano Lorza, Jorge de Oliveira, Patricia Pasten, Im Kim Rong, Ekrem Serdar, Jonathan Silveira, Kalpana Subramananian, April Xie Onsite Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Recordar is to remember, to bring back, and to make present. The epigraph in Eduardo Galeano’s (1992) Book of Embraces defines the term recordar as a way of passing a memory again through the heart. We feel the memory with our body and our senses not only as a mental process. This is a starting point to think through how we use media to remember, what we record, and how we perform for these memories. Particularly for living in the diaspora as we do, modes of remembering become a crucial technology for caring, maintaining networks, and continuing into the future.

This project is made of a series of workshops, sketches, residencies, and installations. The culminating exhibition was presented at Onsite Gallery in June 2023 as part of the On Americanity group show curated by Analays Álvarez Hernández and Colette Laliberté.