Diagrams of Power Dialogues 1: Intersections in Indigenous Mapping, Feminist Visualization, and Community-Building


Invited Participants: Catherine D'Ignazio, Eliana MacDonald, Lize Mogel, Margaret Pearce

A roundtable where our invited participants will discuss their experiences and recent work involving mapping, traditional knowledge, social justice and community.

We will talk about a mistrust of maps since they have often been used as a tool of colonialism, surveillance and control. Data, maps and visualizations are too often the tools for extracting knowledge in order to be used in spite or against a community. We will explore ways in which mapping as a process, alternatively, can be a generative act that can help represent and build community. This leads to questions like: how do we make sure we are accountable to the people and territories we visually represent?; and can maps even help us heal?