Dumpling Discourse


Dumpling Discourse is a professional development circle for BIPOC artists and designers. The focus for these workshops is to provide OCAD students with informal mentorship and guidance, specifically for emerging creative practitioners who experience marginalization, racialization, and under representation within their respective field of practice.

Mobilization strategies, safety tactics, and lived experiences will be shared over dim sum (Rosewood Asian Cuisine), lead by Jessica Leong, Immony Men, May Truong. The facilitators of this event will ensure that the design of these conversational spaces are safe, inclusive, and respectful, to ensure that the participants of this workshop are comfortable with sharing their concerns, experiences, and curiosities about employment within academic environments and creative workspaces.

This event is hosted by Public Visualization Lab, with generous support from OCAD University’s Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers, Office of the Provost, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Sciences and the Digital Futures Undergraduate Program.